** Online Store opens Sundays at Noon est. Pick-up Saturdays and Ships following Monday. Stay up to date on our Facebook, Instagram and Newsletter **


How do I order?
We open the online store 4 times a month with a weekly rotating menu. Every Sunday at NOON EST (9AM PST).

What are your pick up hours?
9-11 am

Are you a dedicated Gluten-Free bakery?
We are! And not only that, we are soy free, gum free and peanut free! We have a separate back-room prep area in which any products are prepared. With its own spatulas, trays, trash can, sink, prep table, and more. We don't even make nut items at same time as non-nut items. We take cross contamination extremely seriously. Our founder is a food scientist, and it is paramount.

Can I get more detailed information about the ingredients and nutritional facts?
We are adding them as we receive from the lab. In the meantime, you can email us at orders@thebeneficialbakery.com to request additional nutritional information.

Where are you located?
We are located at 6572 Mill Road in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. We are not open to public except for Saturdays from 9-11 and for order pick-ups that day. We ship nationwide. Stay up-to-date with us on our social media: @TheBeneficialBakery

Can you hold my order?
Unfortunately we can not hold orders at this time. We have limited space and need to keep the freezers clear for the next store opening.

Can I switch my pickup date?
The pickup dates listed are not optional. We ask that you’re prepared for either date in which you will receive an email a few days prior to confirm. We strive to have everything baked and ready by the first pick up date. Though we do not anticipate anything to go wrong, life happens and we need that second date as a backup. If you ask to switch your pickup date, we will not be able to accommodate.

May I have a friend pick up my order for me if I am not available?
Yes, of course. Please just be sure that they have your order number ready for us at pickup. That’s all we need!

I can’t make it to pick up my order, what can I do?
If you cannot make it within the time frame of 9-11am, please let us know by emailing orders@thebeneficialbakery.com as soon as you can (preferably a day ahead!). We may be able to work out a different pickup time/day, depending on the circumstance. If coming is not an option at all, we cannot offer you a refund. The customer is fully responsible for remembering to pick up within the window of 9-11PM. 

Is everything you make gluten free?
Yes! We are a gluten free and peanut free facility. Check out our ingredient list for a full product description.

Is it organic?
Yes! Everything is. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality, organic, local ingredients.

We do not provide refunds or cancellations once the order is being processed. Every item is baked to order. That means as soon as we receive your orders from a store opening, we begin to purchase ingredients and start baking, so your money is being utilized to create these goodies. If you receive a product that is not up to par, please let us know and we can issue a store credit if need be.

There are no returns, refunds or exchanges for the items. We work very hard to make it and each loaf is different. We ship via USPS, FedEx Express and sometimes they leave packages in the wrong place. It is your responsibility to contact them. By purchasing you are accepting these terms.

Route insurance: We highly suggest purchasing route upon check out on the purchase page.  They will cover damaged product and stolen product.  We are happy to file a claim for you with the addition of a photo (for damaged goods).  We offer this service because we do not offer refunds, returns or replacements. 

Damages and issues
Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

Why is shipping $25 flat rate?
This is the charge of USPS for one box of goods including the liner and ice packs that are required to ship our fermented goods. To be able to sustain our company, we cannot cover shipping. 

Why do I get charged for more shipping boxes?

One box can fit approximately 7 pounds of items. When an order goes over that amount, Shopify automatically adds another box to your order. If we are able to fit more of your order into one box we always refund for shipping.

Is it normal for the ice packs in my box to arrive defrosted?
Yes, it is. They are there to extend the shipping time but has no impact on if products are safe to consume. We ship fresh, and as long as your order arrives within 5 days of shipping.

What is fermentation?
Please see this post 

When are you open?
We open the online every Sunday at NOON EST, until sell out which is usually by Monday morning.

I just purchased my order, when will it ship?
Typically we ship all orders the following Monday after orders have been placed. If for any reason your order ships later than that, we will notify you. (postal holidays for example). If you order on Sunday the 1st your order will ship Monday the 8th.

I just selected pick up, can I come in the same day?
No. Products are made to order so when you place your order, it has not been made yet.

How do I know when my purchase is on the way?
Our system is set up to send you a tracking email once it’s on the way to the post office.  If you haven’t received an email, it probably means that we are still working on your order.

How do we tag you on our social media?
Use our handle @theBeneficialBakery

How do I get my hands on your goods?
Shop online for the main range of products or stop by on Saturday from 9-11am for limited edition bakes and fermented veggie Mexican chocolate (hot or iced)

How do I store my products?
Items will stay in a tightly sealed container at room temp for 1 day. Beyond that, freezing is better than fridge because the fridge dries out goods and impacts texture.

How do I reheat my products?
Breads & Loaves - Slice, wrap tightly, and freeze as soon as it arrives. Definitely warm up or toast before enjoying.

Cookies, Brownies & Scones - Some of us love them at room temperature and some warmed up and slightly melty. Up to you!

Pastries or Pan Dulce - Cut in half or quarters if you'd like, as soon as it arrives, wrap tightly and freeze. Warm up before enjoying. The toaster oven works great.

Bagels & English Muffins - Slice in half upon arrival if you'd like. Toast in a toaster over before enjoying.

Do you take large or custom orders (for birthdays, weddings, etc)?
We do take special orders, however, we have a small team in a small kitchen and can only accommodate if we have 4-6 weeks notice. You can submit your special order here.

Have additional questions or feedback?
Please email orders@thebeneficialbakery.com

Disclaimer:  There are no refunds, returns or replacements.  We are not responsible for replacing loaves that say they're delivered but you don't receive.  

What is the rotating menu?|
1st Sunday- Delicious Doughs 
(Gooey Cookies, Blackout Cookies, Pan Maravilla, Scone Bread, Bagels - plain & everything, Challah, Special Loaf, Biscuit Bombs- everything bagel & spinach artichoke, Pancake Mix, The Beneficial Pantry items

2nd Sunday - Bake-a-rama (Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Special Cookie, Sourdough, Baguette, Chocolate Loaf, English Muffin, Special Bagel, Babka, Biscuit Bombs - everything bagel & spinach artichoke, Blueberry Muffin, The beneficial pantry items

3rd Sunday - Fun Week this rotates to any and all fun things we are working on! Like cinnamon rolls, morning buns, pretzels, fun flavors or cookies, breads, savory pastries

4th Sunday - TBD

I tried to order, but you were already sold out by Sunday night. Do they really sell out that quickly? Any tips?
Sometimes, a quick sellout can happen. But not often. Unfortunately we cannot allow customers to hold items in carts, so items will get snatched out if the order doesn’t get placed! Please don’t be discouraged if you cannot get an order in.

Please note: we are trying to figure out an alternative to this pre-order system.