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Queen Jayne's Lounge & Royal Drinkery - Goodies

Blueberry Lavendar - Royal Balls Organic Ingredients: fermented cauliflower, rutabaga, sprouted amaranth, reishi, kombu, chia seed eggs, water, vanilla beans, avocado oil, cocoa butter, sea salt, baking soda, cinnamon, mace, oat milk, coconut sugar, maple sugar, flaky sea salt, lemon zest, lemon juice, bakery garden lavender, fresh blueberries, orange, cocoa butter, vanilla extract, edible gold luster. A tender (and light but indulgent) cake with fresh spices, soaked in spiced milk, enrobed with blueberry compote, coated in blueberry lemon lavender chocolate, drizzle of white chocolate, crushed cashews, and gold luster.   Ted Lasso Shortbreads Organic Ingredients: fermented maple cauliflower, parsnip, sprouted amaranth, golden beet, butter, yolk, sea salt, vanilla, roasted cacao butter, parsnip vinegar, fermented maple, white chia, golden flax. Blood Orange Caramel: orange...

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Fermentation 101

Fermentation 101 - by Diane Melano Fermentation is at the heart of what makes our product so special. So I thought I'd take some time to explain what it is exactly.  The most succinct way I can define fermentation is this: it’s the transformation of one ingredient into another by way of a microbe. It's one of the simplest processes you could undertake. Let's start with the example of cabbage turning into sauerkraut through the process of fermentation. You have your cabbage, you shred it to rupture the cabbage cells, which makes it easier for bacteria to get inside. This lactic acid bacteria is what makes the magic happen. By the way, lactic bacteria are all around us. They live on our skin and...

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