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At the Beneficial Bakery, we have several core ethical principles that are essential in the way that we operate as a business. Like the name of our business implies, The Beneficial Bakery wants to make sure everything from the purchase of ingredients to those purchasing our products benefits everyone involved. 

From the inception of The Beneficial Bakery, our core ethical principles guide us in accomplishing our goal of making sure everything we do is mutually beneficial for all:

  • Hyperlocal

We purchase almost all of our ingredients from local farms and businesses. 

  • Support other small businesses 

We purchase our ingredients from small businesses and farms at prices above fair trade standards.

  • Organic, non GMO

In order to make sure that our products are beneficial for your body we make sure that  all of our ferments are made with organic, non GMO produce. 

  • Allergen free. Free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy, refined sugar, gums, preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or colorants, peanuts

Part of the beneficiality of our products includes its accessibility for those who have strict and specific dietary needs that are often difficult to find in the regular marketplace, especially with the dense level of nutrients our products provide. 

  • Science meets empathy

Our products are not just made out of the scientific ingenuity of our founder, Diane Melano but also out of ethically sourced fair trade products because scientific progress and beneficiality for all can coincide.

  • Concentrated in nutrients

All of our products are nutrient dense making all of them good for you.

  • Fair trade

Every vendor we do business with is paid fair trade prices, negotiated with us to ensure that their business can continue to thrive and provide us and others with their wonderful products. 

  • Work Environment

Above living wage, with paid time off and grow from there.

Here is the list of all of our vendors we purchase from to create our nutrient rich products for you to enjoy: 

  • Potato Homestead
  • Broken Fork Farm
  • A&A Maple
  • Greens Sugar House
  • Sugar Shack Vermont
  • Maines Grains
  • Bar au Chocolat
  • Girl n Dug farm
  • Cherry Lane farm
  • Faith Flower Farm