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About Us

Diane Melano Ph.D - Founder, Functional Nutritionist and
Head of Fermentation


Lets do this: I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 27 which turned my life inside out and upside down. I have hold two Ph.Ds. (Microbiology with emphasis in fermentation and Functional Nutrition Behavioral Science)  I'm a recovering perfectionist, and an autoimmune ally. I have a Functional Nutrition practice, Melano Nutrition where I help people re-energize and find real health without restriction. It is my mission to help others overcome whatever they may be confronting while empowering and connecting through delicious, healthy foods. Research is my passion and am constantly learning from the leaders in both food science and nutrition industries and stay up to date with the current research.

Fun Fact: When I laugh, I laugh wholeheartedly, head back and guffaw without shame. Life has been hard for me at various points, but through it all, I’ve always kept my passion for joy.

Jorge - Lead Dehydrator 

Jorge is Diane’s husband, and as a team member of Melano Nutrition he is responsible for biscuit bombs, English muffins, the operations of shipping and flash freezing. He offers laughter, support, assistance, tracks inventory like a boss, and is always a smiling face at the farmers markets. 
His favorite item that we make are the biscuit bombs!

Fun Fact: he loves Call of Duty, Doctor Who and road trips.

Theresa - Assistant Baker
Theresa is a Richard Stockton University graduate and has been teaching French at EHT HS for the last 8 years. She started baking for fun for her family and expanded to baking for her students to let them experience a little taste of France. She loves animals--all animals, have two amazing dogs and a rabbit, and volunteer at her local shelter whenever she can. She has a fondness for power sports and can usually be found outdoors with her dogs and boyfriend or the gym whenever she has free time. 

Fun fact: She is an amateur body builder and took 1st in novice her first show last spring. She hopes to take first again this fall and earn her pro status next spring. 
Tyler - Assistant Baker
Born and raised in Atlantic County. Went to Rutgers University. Worked as a pastry chef in a few restaurants in Atlantic city. I ride my bike everywhere. I like making cheesecakes. I have a dog named Poopsi. I spend my free time reading, drawing, playing video games, and testing new recipes. Big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Arteah - Customer & Online Operations
My pronouns are she/her and I’m a Filipino American student in California, finishing up my senior year of high school and taking my first classes through community college. In my spare time, I love searching for new music, playing with my little sister and my dog Lillie, folding origami, and watching terrible movies with my friends.