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LIMITED Fermented Veggie Vegan Muenster Block -- PICK UP ONLY

LIMITED Fermented Veggie Vegan Muenster Block -- PICK UP ONLY

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The most fabulous melt with a stunning red rind, which adds a smokiness to the mild creamy flavor. With only a few weeks of aging, the paste is supple yet sliceable, and smells of fresh "cream". The flavor will coat your tongue, a sweet and salty combination that is balanced perfectly.

Oh my gosh. oh my gosh. Kind of a big deal for me (Diane) to finally offer cheeses to you. If you know (or if you don’t know) I make some of the most incredible, vegan cheese ever. I mean that with full sincerity. Feels like dairy, tastes like dairy, the chew. Melts like dairy. If you’ve experienced my frozen pizzas, you know how my mozzarella is like…

Cheese y’all. But dairy free. And veggies with super-duper beautiful ingredients AND you can freeze. We make little snack plates for ourselves and keep in freezer ❤️ 

I’m so proud and it’s a dream come true.
It’s a bit tricky, because I’m the only one who does it, and with my health being what it is, I am very cautious of what I can do because I’m very limited, so there is a limited quantity of how many I can make.

5oz bar 

Muenster: white potato, water, hemp seed powder, nutritional yeast, ground mustard, yuca, sea salt, paprika (for color), golden beets, coconut oil, ground onion, sourdough starter a loaf of our Sourdough, Pan Maravilla (sandwich loaf), or even bagels to make extra melty sandwiches.