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NEW! Fermented Veggie Vegan Sweet Potato Cheddar Block - PICK UP ONLY
NEW! Fermented Veggie Vegan Sweet Potato Cheddar Block - PICK UP ONLY

NEW! Fermented Veggie Vegan Sweet Potato Cheddar Block - PICK UP ONLY

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Kept moist and creamy inside an ever-so-soft rind, our Sweet Potato Cheddar is a buttery beauty that embodies (as close as I can) dairy cheddar. Sweet, creamy, and light, its supple orange-colored paste is infused with gentle fruity undertones. Try it on a burger, in a grilled cheese, making a fondue, mac and cheese, melting it over or potatoes or snacking on it with some crunchy pickles, hearty crackers. LIMITED EDITION.

With buttery notes, a sharp tang, and a nutty finish, the mild aged cheddar is snackable and pairs well with apples, grated into pasta, and everything in between.
Wrapped in linen and rubbed with cocoa butter before aging.
The aging process brings out its mature flavor and a dense texture that is firm yet creamy and an exquisite cheese.

Cheddaring cheese is a multi-step process.
Our curds are formed into planks that get stacked on top of each other and weighed down to release excess liquid. As they chill, the planks are rotated so each gets the benefit of being at the bottom of the pile. After resting, the curd planks get processed into smaller pieces and formed into the forms they will cure in to create a drier, crumblier cheese.

Then they get wrapped in a very specific cheese cloth linen and rubbed with cocoa butter before they age.

This microbial presence helps the cheese slowly develop its rich earthy, soft and drier flavor.
Cheese y’all. But dairy free. And veggies with super-duper beautiful ingredients AND you can freeze. We make little snack plates for ourselves and keep in freezer

I’m so proud and it’s a dream come true.
It’s a bit tricky, because I’m the only one who does it, and with my health being what it is, I am very cautious of what I can do because I’m very limited, so there is a limited quantity of how many I can make. 

5oz bar

sweet potato, ground hemp hearts, yuca, sea salt, paprika (for color), fresh turmeric, golden beets, coconut oil, hemp heart miso (soy free), apple cider vinegar, sourdough starter, marigolds, nutritional yeast, cocoa butter, sencha.