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Ted Lasso Inspired Shortbread Biscuits (2-pack) - Limited Edition

Ted Lasso Inspired Shortbread Biscuits (2-pack) - Limited Edition

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Based on the popular television series, these Ted Lasso Biscuits will brighten the day, boost the immune system of anybody enjoying them. These rectangular shortbread biscuits melt in your mouth and are downright more-ish.

With the addition of fermented maple to the veggie mix, the shortbread bakes up more golden, with a slight chewiness to its tender texture, and boasts a divine toffee-caramel note.

They are labor intensive to make with veggies but it was on Diane's heart last year to develop and offer them to customers. 

They are a 3 x 1.5 x 2-inch think treats that you want to make sure in savor and inhale because as soon as you taste the beauty, it really does melt in your mouth and are left with the memory of something magical... minus the signature pink box. We tried.


“Don’t you dare settle for fine.”

And always:

"Believe" (in veggies)

Organic Ingredients: fermented maple cauliflower, parsnip, sprouted amaranth, golden beet, cacao butter, sea salt, vanilla, roasted cacao butter, parsnip vinegar, fermented maple, white chia, golden flax.