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Colombian PandeBono ("Cheese" Buns)
Colombian PandeBono ("Cheese" Buns)
Colombian PandeBono ("Cheese" Buns)
Colombian PandeBono ("Cheese" Buns)

Colombian PandeBono ("Cheese" Buns)

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Pandebonos, (pronounced pan-de-bono) are a staple of Colombian cuisine, you will find them being sold and made everywhere in Colombia and for good reason as they are a piece of heaven.

There are many different versions of pandebono all over Latin America and they all have different names depending on where you are like pan de queso, chipá (Argentina) and the most famous of all, the Brazilian pão de queijo. Now, why are they called pandebonos in Colombia? Legend has it that these were first made by an Italian man living in el Valle del Cauca who made these delicious treats and used to sell them out on the street while yelling “¡pan de buono!” (good bread!). Now, I’m not sure if there is any truth behind that story but it does have its romantic touch, so I’m sticking to it.

They are perfect warmed up and accompanied by a cup of Colombian coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Or amazing as part of dinner (like a cheesy dinner roll). Imagine with a cup of soup! 

Crispy crust with a chewy crumb full of nooks and crannies that when pulled has a yummy stretch. Make sure to warm up in toaster oven, oven, or microwave for maximum cheesiness, chewiness and deliciousness.


Why it's Beneficial:

Good for a nutritious meal on the go. Loads and loads of veggies as well as lion's mane mushroom which supports brain health.

Friendly for:

Vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, nut allergy friendly

Free of:

gluten, dairy, eggs, refined sugar, soy, grains, peanuts

Base pastry Ingredients:

Cauliflower starter, amaranth, parsnip, golden beets, white sweet potato, sea salt, fresh turmeric, turnip, kohlrabi, avocado oil, chia seeds, kelp granules, fresh yuca, hemp, turmeric, nutritional yeast, cassava.