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Morning Buns
Morning Buns

Morning Buns

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The search for the perfect morning bun was quite the journey. I took inspiration from buns I’ve read about and bakeries visited, assembling a list of admirable qualities and ingredients along the way. I wanted the same glisten, but upped the orange zest and cardamom as a nod to Mexican tradition, and emulated the beautiful crisp exterior and caramelized bottoms by baking them in muffin tins and brushed with parsnip water and maple sugar.

What I ended up with was a “buttery” pastry that we love.

I mailed one to a friend and she said: “I can’t describe how much I enjoyed the delicious morning bun Jorge included in my package. Your morning bun was reminiscent of something my Grandma baked with the perfect marriage of cinnamon and citrus 🍊 exploding in just the right sweetness and so full of flavor. Eating it felt like being hugged. Thank you for gifting it to me and allowing me to try it. 🙏🏻“


Organic Ingredients: cauliflower, fermented parsnip, water, olive oil, white chia seeds, amaranth koji, sea salt, maple, sprouted amaranth, cauliflower flour, golden beets, lemon balm, coconut sugar, organic orange, cardamom,  fermented cinnamon molasses, white sweet potato, ground cinnamon.